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WEBtech Canada

Welcome to WEBtechCanada.com, home of WEBtech's auxiliary services such as intranets, download servers, and large file hosting.

WEBtech is one of Canada's original web design, development and hosting companies. Starting in the mid-1990's, the company has hosted some of Eastern Ontario's most notable websites. Today, WEBtech serves over 100 websites, and does business from California to Thetford Mines.

WEBtech also offers general marketing and advertising support to its clients. It is involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and St. Lawrence College, and it is a founding member of Team Cornwall.

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WEBtech is a subsidiary of Busitech, a Canadian private-owned software company. Busitech designs and develops the Quality Window software suite, made up of Quality Window and QWXL.

Quality Window helps companies become more efficient and accurate in their manufacturing process while reducing downtime. It accomplishes this by empowering employees with a suite of easy-to-use charting tools and sophisticated statistical analysis. QWXL is a Microsoft Excell add-in that gives spreadsheet users access to similar charting and stats tools.

Quality Window and QWXL are currently installed and in use in over 70 countries around the world.

Spam and Virus Proection
Since it was activated in 2005, WEBtech's spam and virus firewall has prevented over 30 million spam messages from reaching our customers' mailboxes, and stopped over 97,000 viruses from being passed along. There are several articles posted on the WEBtech site, exploring the topics of e-mail identity theft, spam and virus protection.

Enquiries and Error Reporting
If you would like more information, please contact us at 613 938-0900. Should you have difficulty in navigating to any of the above links, please send us an e-mail to info@webtech.on.ca.

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